Company Profile

Payroll Excellence strives to efficiently administer our client’s payrolls, by forging partnerships and attending to the Company’s individual needs. We believe that our expertise, integrity, honesty and personalized contact with our clients is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Our professional and friendly service is of the highest standard, ensuring strong and ethical business relations.

Why Outsource?

  • Specialist skills drive down costs and improve efficiency.

  • Allows companies to focus on key company objectives.

  • A previous cost becomes a value added service.

  • Eliminates payroll data capturing which can be time consuming.

  • Prevents internal fraud.

  • Confidentiality of information.

  • SME's: Typically in small business the owner or senior manager would be responsible for the payroll due to the confidentiality involved and or lack of manpower.  This person, however, is also responsible for ensuring the company reaches target and growing the business.  By outsourcing the payroll function, it frees up valuable time allowing time to be spent on "building" the business with the peace of mind that the companies' most valuable asset, their staff, will be paid.


One of the main concerns to any payroll department or Company is keeping up with the ever-changing legislations and requirements from SARS.  Payroll Excellence assists their clients administratively in keeping up with the following legislation within SA:

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

  • Income Tax Act.

  • Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act – Provide relevant reports.

  • Unemployment Insurance Act.

  • Skills Development Act – Provide relevant reports.

  • Labour Relations Act.